Prep: 15 min. Steep: 48 hrs.
Yield: 22 oz.
40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)
If using Everclear® 151: 31.75% Alc./Vol. (63.5 Proof)

Bottled by the Bushel.

The sweetness of blackberries contrasting with the earthy bite of sage provides an unexpectedly tasty blend of flavors. It’s a welcomed addition to your favorite light cocktail, in both appearance and flavor.


First, you’ll need to get your ingredients: 12 oz. blackberries, ¼ cup sage, 10 oz. Everclear®, and 12 oz. filtered water.

Place sage leaves in a quart-sized jar and press with a muddler to bruise. Then add the blackberries and muddle thoroughly. Once muddled, add Everclear® and let steep in a cool, dry place for 48 hours.

Once infused, strain off the solids using a fine mesh strainer. Then, combine your infusion with water to dilute. After thoroughly mixing, it’s ready to be bottled and, most importantly, enjoyed.


12 oz. Blackberries
¼ cup Sage
10 oz. Everclear®
12 oz. Filtered water


  1. Place sage in a quart-sized jar and bruise with a muddler.
  2. Add blackberries and muddle well.
  3. Add Everclear®.
  4. Steep for 48 hours in a cool, dry place.
  5. Strain with a fine mesh strainer.
  6. Combine infusion and water.
  7. Stir, bottle and enjoy.
Modified original recipe from Ted Kilgore