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Permanent and waterproof, highly pigmented and fast drying, use Everclear Alcohol Inks to unleash your inner artist.

What you’ll need:

Everclear 190 Proof
Sharpie Markers (colors of choice)
Pair of Small Pliers
Plastic Gloves
Small Plastic Cups
Squeeze bottles with needle tip/dropper tip
Small Funnel


Step 1: Pour 1 shot of Everclear into plastic cups, one cup for each ink color.
Step 2: Wearing gloves, remove the sharpie marker cap and use pliers to grip the ink tip of the marker. Pull gently until the ink tip comes out. Place the ink
tip into one of the cups.
Step 3: Using the same pliers, grip the colored plastic portion of the marker and pull it apart from the base of the marker. This will take more strength, so
try pulling and twisting.
Step 4: Once plastic is pulled apart, the ink cartridge should fall out/be accessible. Take the ink cartridge and use scissors to cut it into 3 smaller pieces.
Place these pieces in the same plastic cup with the marker tip.
Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 with each sharpie marker until each color is complete.
Step 6: Let the inks soak in Everclear for 1-2.5 hours. The longer they steep, the darker the color. Every so often, pick up each cup and swirl it around to
Step 7: Remove the ink tip & cartridge pieces from the cups & throw them away. With remaining ink mixtures, use the funnel to pour into each squeeze
bottle carefully.
Step 8: Inks are ready to use!