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Everclear Brighter Whites

3 Simple Laundry Hacks for Whiter Whites

Tired of your favorite white shirts not looking so bright? By adding a dash of Everclear® to your wash, you can make those faded whites pop again. HelloGlow has 3 easy ways to make your laundry brighter than ever.


#1 Pre-Wash Soak
Keeps stains from clinging to fabric.

Follow these steps:
1. Fill a sink or large bowl with cool water and add 1/2 cup Everclear.
2. Place your white clothing in the solution, making sure they’re fully submerged. Remember that grain alcohol acts as a bleaching agent, so don’t soak any colored items or items with delicate trims or embellishments.
3. Let your clothes soak anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight, depending on how dingy and dirty the items are.
4. Rinse the items with cold water to remove any remaining solution.
5. Wash the items in your washing machine as you normally would, and then dry the items according to their care label instructions.

#2 One-Ingredient Stain Spot Treatment
Everclear® is amazing at melting away the toughest stains.
Follow these steps:
1. Blot the stain with a clean cloth to remove as much of the stain as possible. Do not rub the stain, as this can damage the fabric or make the stain worse.
2. Dab a bit of Everclear® directly on the stain and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Check to see if the stain is gone by blotting it with a clean, damp cloth to remove the alcohol.
3. If the stain is still visible, repeat until it’s gone.
4. If needed, rub the stain with a 2:1 baking soda and water paste to help lift the stain from between the fibers.
5. When you’re done, rinse the area with cold water and launder the item as you normally would, following the care label instructions.

#3 Pit Stain Pre-Treatment
Everclear® gets rid of those stingy pit stains while deodorizing.

Follow these steps:
1. Combine Everclear® and water in a small bowl, then transfer to a spray bottle.
2. When you take off your white shirt, lightly spritz the sweat stain before tossing the item in your laundry basket. The pre-treatment will work as it sits, making the stain easier to remove in the wash.
3. Spritz any leftover spray to get rid of germs and odors on your gym bag, shoes, workout gear, or any other light-colored fabrics that could use a little freshening up.

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