Prep: 15 mins Steep: 24 hrs
Yield: 24 oz.
40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)
If using Everclear® 151: 31.75% Alc./Vol. (63.5 Proof)

A Flowerless Bouquet

No fruit. No decadence. Just a pleasant combination of savory greens. This unique mix of herbal spices along with a hint of cinnamon adds a touch of greenery to your cocktail repertoire. In a tasty, non-grass-flavored kind of way.


First, you’ll need to gather ¼ cup fresh rosemary leaves, ¼ cup fresh thyme leaves, ¼ cup fresh oregano leaves, half a cinnamon stick, 10 oz. Everclear®, 10 oz. filtered water and 4 oz. white simple syrup. If you don’t have simple syrup on hand and want to make your own, check out our simple syrup instructions.


Combine the herbs, cinnamon and Everclear® in a quart-sized, sealable container. Let steep in a cool, dry place for 24 hours.

Once steeped, strain off the herbs and cinnamon using a fine mesh strainer. Then, combine your herbal infusion with water and simple syrup to dilute. After thoroughly mixing, it’s ready to be bottled and enjoyed.

Want to see how it’s used in a finished cocktail? Check out our Green Thumb recipe.


¼ cup Fresh rosemary leaves
¼ cup Fresh thyme leaves
¼ cup Fresh oregano leaves
½ Cinnamon stick
10 oz. Everclear®
10 oz. Filtered water
4 oz. 1:1 White simple syrup


  1. Combine herbs, cinnamon and Everclear® in a quart-sized, sealable container.
  2. Let steep in a cool, dry place for 24 hours.
  3. Strain out herbs and cinnamon.
  4. Add water and simple syrup to dilute.
  5. Bottle and enjoy.


When measuring your oregano, rosemary and thyme – be sure to only use the leaves while discarding the stems. This will provide a more accurate and flavorful infusion.

As your finished Herbal Infusion sits, you may see some separation. This is completely normal and a result of the various oils separating from water. Simply shake before using to ensure a consistent flavor.

Ted Kilgore

Make It Your Own’s in-house mixologist, Ted Kilgore, is a 17-year veteran of the bar and spirits world. Passing the B.A.R. with BAR Ready certification in 2007, he is now proprietor and Beverage Director at Planter’s House in St. Louis.