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Prep: 10 mins Steep: 48 hrs
Yield: about 100 oz.
20% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)
If using Everclear® 151: 15.9% Alc./Vol. (31.8 Proof)

An Unorthodox Pearing.

The unexpected combination of pear and star anise delivers in this unique yet versatile liqueur. And since this recipe fills four 750 mL bottles, you’ll have gifts for three of your closest friends or family members without forgetting about yourself. Or you can simply hoard all four – your secret’s safe with us.


First, make sure you have all the needed ingredients: 8 Anjou pears, 4 star anise, 1 bottle (750 mL) of Everclear®, 28 oz. filtered water and 52 oz. simple syrup. If you don’t have any simple syrup on hand and want to make your own, check out our simple syrup instructions.

Core and roughly chop the pears into small pieces, then place in a sealable gallon jar along with the bottle of Everclear®. Let steep in a cool, dark place for 24 hours. Then add star anise, shake and let steep for another 24 hours.

Once infused, strain your pear anise infusion using either a fine mesh strainer or a coffee filter. Mix your infusion with simple syrup and water to add sweetness and dilute your liqueur to the desired 20% Alc./Vol. Once it’s thoroughly mixed, pour your finished Pear Anise Liqueur into bottles and enjoy.

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8 Anjou pears
4 Star anise
1 bottle Everclear® (750 mL)
52 oz. Simple syrup
28 oz. Filtered water


  1. Core and roughly chop pears into small pieces.
  2. Combine chopped pears and Everclear® in a 1-gallon, sealable jar.
  3. Let steep for 24 hours.
  4. Add star anise and shake.
  5. Let steep another 24 hours.
  6. Strain out all solids using a fine mesh strainer or coffee filter.
  7. Combine strained infusion with water and simple syrup.
  8. Mix, bottle and enjoy.


As written, the recipe is meant to fill four 750 mL bottles. But if you’re only wanting one, simply divide all the ingredients by four. So, following the same steps, you’ll only use 2 pears, 1 star anise, 7 oz. Everclear®, 7 oz. filtered water and 13 oz. simple syrup.

Created By: Ted Kilgore

Make It Your Own’s in-house mixologist, Ted Kilgore, is a 17-year veteran of the bar and spirits world. Passing the B.A.R. with BAR Ready certification in 2007, he is now proprietor and Beverage Director at Planter’s House in St. Louis.