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Prep: 5 mins Steep: 48 hrs
Yield: 25 oz.
40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)
If using Everclear® 151: 31.75% Alc./Vol. (63.5 Proof)

One Sip a Day Keeps Your Woes Away.

Turns out, the best apples for eating also make for great drinking. As evidence, this infusion features a combination of sweet honeycrisp apples and fresh rosemary.


To start, let’s make sure you have all the needed ingredients: 2 honeycrisp apples, 1 rosemary sprig (about 6-inches long), 10 oz. Everclear®, 10 oz. filtered water and 4 oz. white simple syrup. If you don’t have simple syrup on hand and want to make your own, check out our simple syrup instructions.

Core and chop both apples into smaller chunks. Then combine your chopped apples, rosemary and Everclear® in a large, sealable container and let steep in a cool, dry place for 48 hours, shaking once each day.

Once steeped, strain out the apples and rosemary using a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth.

Add water and simple syrup, mixing thoroughly. Then bottle and enjoy.

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2 Honeycrisp apples
1 Rosemary sprig (Approx. 6 inches)
10 oz. Everclear®
10 oz. Filtered water
4 oz. White simple syrup


  1. Core and chop both apples.
  2. Combine chopped apples, Everclear® and rosemary in a large, sealable container.
  3. Let steep for 48 hours.
  4. Strain the infusion using a fine mesh strainer.
  5. Add water and simple syrup, mix thoroughly.
  6. Bottle and enjoy.


Ted Kilgore

Make It Your Own’s in-house mixologist, Ted Kilgore, is a 17-year veteran of the bar and spirits world. Passing the B.A.R. with BAR Ready certification in 2007, he is now proprietor and Beverage Director at Planter’s House in St. Louis.