Prep: 10 mins Steep: 24 hrs
Yield: 24 oz.
40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof)
If using Everclear® 151: 31.75% Alc./Vol. (63.5 Proof)

Capture the Spirit of Strawberry.

Crafting homemade bitters and liqueurs is one thing. But here, we take it a step further and create an actual spirit. Using fresh strawberries and ginger, this recipe shows how easy it is to make flavored vodka in your very own kitchen.


First, you’ll need all your ingredients: 16 oz. fresh strawberries, ½ cup chopped ginger and 10 oz. Everclear®. You’ll also need 4 oz. white simple syrup and 10 oz. filtered water for dilution once the infusion is finished. If you don’t have any simple syrup on hand or want to make some of your own, check out our simple syrup instructions.

Rinse and cut strawberries into small slices. Then combine strawberries, chopped ginger and Everclear® into a sealable quart-sized jar. It’ll be a tight squeeze to fit everything in, but the smaller jar helps ensure the Everclear® comes in contact with everything.

Using a muddler or even the back of a wooden spoon, muddle the infusion thoroughly. Then fasten the lid and shake as if you’re mixing a cocktail to help aid the infusion.

Let the strawberry ginger infusion steep for 24 hours or to taste. Once steeped, strain the infusion into a clean jar using a fine mesh strainer and add the filtered water and simple syrup to dilute. Stir until well mixed. Then bottle and enjoy.


16 oz. Fresh strawberries
½ cup Chopped ginger
10 oz. Filtered water
10 oz. Everclear®
4 oz. Simple syrup


  1. Rinse and slice strawberries.
  2. Combine sliced strawberries, chopped ginger and Everclear® in a quart-sized jar.
  3. Muddle thoroughly. Then fasten the lid and shake well.
  4. Let steep for 24 hours.
  5. Strain out all solids.
  6. Combine infusion with water and simple syrup to dilute.
  7. Stir, bottle and enjoy.


For a stronger ginger flavor, simply add more ginger. But you may want to take away some strawberries to make room in the infusion jar.

The smaller you slice your strawberries, the easier they will fit into the quart-sized jar. If you find that muddling in a smaller jar is difficult, you can always mix and muddle in a larger jar or bowl before placing the mixture into the quart-sized jar.

Ted Kilgore

Make It Your Own’s in-house mixologist, Ted Kilgore, is a 17-year veteran of the bar and spirits world. Passing the B.A.R. with BAR Ready certification in 2007, he is now proprietor and Beverage Director at Planter’s House in St. Louis.