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Cook Time: 5 mins
Yield: Varies

Watercolor Cake Paint

Channel your artistic side with this edible watercolor accent.

Watercolor-inspired cake decorating has been a buzzy trend for birthdays, holidays, and beyond. Bring the sought-after look home with this quick tip.


Liquid Food Coloring



1. In a small bowl or dish, combine a few drops of liquid food coloring with a splash of Everclear. Mix thoroughly.

2. Use a clean, food-safe paintbrush to paint brushstrokes, designs, and washes of color onto a plain frosted cake. (For best results, paint directly on fondant icing, which provides a clean and smooth surface.)

3. Experiment with different “saturations” of color, by using more or less Everclear with your food coloring.


Please Enjoy Responsibly.


Created By: Liz Morrow

Liz Morrow is the founder of Liz Morrow Studios, an interior design studio based in the Pacific Northwest (and online). She is also a voracious DIY-er, taking on everything from full home remodels to weekend craft projects—an instinct and passion she also brings into the kitchen on her blog.